The Complete Guide to Selling Your Business

By Paul S. Sperry and Beatrice H. Mitchell

For most private business owners, the personal and financial decisions involved in selling their company are as stressful and fraught with uncertainty as those made when deciding to go into business in the first place.

Now there’s step-by-step advice on the entire process of selling a business… from determining when the time is just right to negotiating the final terms. Paul S. Sperry and Beatrice H. Mitchell have distilled their more than 75 years of international experience in working with the sellers of mid-sized companies into the business person’s ultimate guide to selling or merging, happily and profitably.

          • Paul_Bea4Weigh the many benefits and drawbacks involved, before deciding to sell.
          • Determine the best time to sell and act when the signals are right.
          • Assess your company’s market value, and get the best price from the right buyer.
          • Negotiate and structure an optimal purchase agreement and close the deal.

The book also features examples based on actual businesses that illustrate how the sales process works- when it’s smooth and when it’s complex- plus a helpful appendix with a sample purchase agreement, confidentiality agreement and other important documents.

“A valuable resource when it comes time to sell or find a merger partner.”
-Geoff Rehnert, Audax Group, Boston

Comprehensive… [Helps] the business owner look at a potential sale from the buyer’s viewpoint.”
-Carol R. Riggs, Senior Editor, D & B Reports magazine

“Makes the complex process of selling a business clear and understandable.”
-Arthur Bollinger, Teknar, Inc., St. Louis

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