Selling Your Business

All business owners eventually consider selling their business.  This important business decision can be challenging and emotional. Our expertise is handling the specific issues associated with selling private, middle-market companies. We regularly advise on the why, when and how of selling, and also assist on setting market-based valuation expectations.

Selling or merging your business is an important decision that requires a formal review with the help of seasoned professionals. Each owner’s reasons for considering a sale or merger are particular to his unique circumstances and those of his company. It is vital to develop appropriate strategies and approaches to the M&A market to meet these unique demands and priorities.

There are many valid reasons for selling or merging a business, including:

          • Liquidity: to diversify and make liquid the concentrated value that is tied up in a company.
          • Succession and retirement: to ensure continuity of a business.
          • Estate planning: to provide for heirs not involved in a business.
          • Expansion capital: to finance future growth.
          • Synergies: to introduce new product lines or provide access to new markets.

A company’s value is determined by a variety of factors, including:  a company’s past performance,  its future earnings prospects, its industry outlook, and the strength of its management, products and services. Ultimately, value is determined in the marketplace. The best way to maximize value is to create an active market of interested buyers.

We would be pleased to discuss your objectives, or to provide guidance on how the market might value your business.

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