What our clients say about us

We chose Sperry Mitchell because we knew we would have a highly-experienced senior person overseeing our sale. We were amazed at how quickly and thoroughly the Sperry Mitchell team got their hands around our business. That knowledge helped with the sale process and saved my management team a lot of time. Sperry Mitchell made certain that our company would be shown in the best light and to the most logical buyers. They helped us find a good home for our company and optimized the value we received.

Bill Karol
Koda Enterprises Group
Waltham, MA

Sperry Mitchell did something we were not able to do by ourselves – they created an active market for our company. As a result, we achieved a selling price significantly above our expectations, to a company that wasn’t previously on our radar. Their hard work and consistent, clear communication made the selling process much less stressful than it otherwise might have been. I’d use them again in a heartbeat!

W. David Tarver
Telecom Analysis Systems
Eatontown, NJ

We were first introduced to Sperry Mitchell in the 1980s as a trusted and reliable investment banker. Although this introduction was made long before we decided to sell our business, we continued to stay in touch over the years. When our family was finally ready to sell, Sperry Mitchell was there to guide us through the process, answer the multitude of questions we had, be a sounding board on decisions, and negotiate an outstanding deal.  They were a great partner to have during this process and made the journey from start to finish a much easier experience. We are thankful for their entire team’s help in finalizing this deal.

L.A. Train
Swiff Train Company
Houston, TX

I worked with Sperry Mitchell back in 2008, when their auction process yielded a half-dozen solid offers. However, when the economy crashed and our performance suffered, they advised us to put the process on hold. They patiently advised and supported us throughout the down-turn. Six years later, we re-engaged the market, and I worked with the same team to negotiate a premium price from a very motivated strategic buyer. At each step, Sperry Mitchell brought wisdom and a depth of experience critical to both the success of the deal and my peace of mind. I can’t say enough about their commitment to our success and their true interest in my welfare throughout the process.

James Murdock
Endless Pools
Aston, PA

We chose to work with Sperry Mitchell primarily because of their people. Starting with Paul and Bea and down through the entire organization, we were impressed with their experience, their knowledge and the personal attention they gave to us. In a very short time, Sperry Mitchell knew almost as much about our business as we did.  This allowed them to position and present our business to the best possible buyers and in the best possible light. We couldn’t be happier with the results and would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Jim Peden
Garland, TX

Our business consisted of several non-related divisions operating under a holding company. For tax reasons, we needed to sell the business in a single transaction. Without the guidance and professionalism of Sperry Mitchell, we would never have been so successful in communicating our story. They were able to boil down a rather complex story into one that generated far more interest than we had ever anticipated. As a result of that expertise, we not only achieved an outstanding deal for our investors, but also one that took far less time than originally forecasted.

Rick Wheeler
Capewell Components
S. Windsor, CT

I was introduced to Sperry Mitchell through a colleague in private equity who had done many transactions with them over the years. My experience with Sperry Mitchell was very positive.  I found their team to be extremely capable, easy to deal with, and of the highest integrity. The leadership at Sperry Mitchell was actively involved with every aspect of the transaction and always accessible. Based on their wealth of experience in mid-market transactions, they were able to anticipate the tripping hazards that we encountered along the way and helped us to navigate those waters. I would highly recommend Sperry Mitchell to any owner considering selling their business.

Brian Golden
Plympton, MA

From our original contact to the close of our transaction, Sperry Mitchell showed qualities like persistence, intelligence, sophistication and integrity, while working tirelessly to conclude the sale process within our agreed guidelines. From the very beginning, we were impressed by their ability to listen, quickly understand our business, and communicate our story effectively to potential buyers. We couldn’t have been happier with the whole process, which led to both the buyer and seller being truly pleased with the transaction.

George Grengs
Valterra Products
Mission Hills, CA

I was very impressed with the professionalism and dedication of everyone at Sperry Mitchell. They were very attentive to my business, my personal needs, and my staff in bringing our company to market. The ability of the Sperry team to ingrain themselves within our company made it feel like they were actually in our office every day, working to help us get the best deal. It felt like they were always willing to do whatever it took to get our deal closed quickly and on the best terms possible. I would highly recommend choosing Sperry Mitchell to sell a business. I look forward to my next opportunity to once again work with this great firm.

John S. Yarosz
Susquehanna Services
Swoyersville, PA